Pubg Flare Gun – Top 5 Location In Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar & Vikendi Map [2019 – 2020]

Pubg Flare Gun

pubg flare gun

pubg flare gun is very unique and interesting thing in pubg mobile game. The flare gun can only be found in single-story buildings or small structures. This means any warehouse, apartment building, or larger structures will not have a flare gun in them. Instead, the best places to look are the little shanty towns scattered throughout the map.

The Flare gun is an extremely rare weapon that when fired, calls in a custom air drop that drops a larger amount of highly valuable equipment compared to the ordinary air drop. You can only carry one Flare Gun, but you can hold multiple Flares. It does not deal any damage to enemies.

Are you a gamer? Do you love to play PUBG? If you are an ardent player of PUBG then I guess you will well understand the necessity or requirement of any weapon or arms, especially in this game. While doing so in this game as a player you can definitely use a Flare gun.

Usage of Flare Gun


You need to fire it high in the sky If you do not fire it high it will not work


Don't Fire when you are out of circle because of you will be just got only car.


Don't Fire when you are at building location.

Where can you locate Flare Guns?

A) Erangel Map

Erangel Map flare guns
  • George pool crates
  • Novo 
  • Yasnaya Polyana
  • Military base
  • Stalbar
  • Severny
  • Kameshki
  • Ferry pier

B) Miramar Map

Miramar map flare gun
  • Monte de novo
  • El pozo 
  • Los leones
  • Power Grid
  • San Martin
  • Hacienda del patron

C) Vikendi Map

Venkdi map flare gun
  • Dobro Mesto
  • Villa

D) Sanhok Map

sanhok flare guns
  • Ruins
  • Cave
  • Boot Camp
  • DOCS

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